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3rd European Geothermal PhD day

Join the 3rd European Geothermal PhD day

Following the success of the last two European Geothermal PhD day held in Potsdam and in Reykjavik, we are organizing the next event, as promised last march.

The event will take place in Pisa on the 29th of March 2012. PhD students working in the field of geothermal research are all invited to take part, not only in geosciences , but also including engineering, chemistry, business, law, etc. 

The plan is to have a conference with a short presentation from each participant as well as a poster session.There will be also a visit to Larderello geothermal site, more information will be given as soon as possible, 

It’s our hope that this event will be as successful as the last ones. 

Participation in the 1 day program will be free of charge.  The charge of the trip will depend on funding and group size.

Deadline for application is the 1st of february for the field trip and for the request of funding.

Deadline for application to the PhD day is the 15th of february.

If you have any questions or ideas on this event do not hesitate to contact me (

Application form PhD day

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